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Anolon Advanced Bronze Cookware

  • Bronze metal finish is a key color trend for upscale kitchens, seen in a growing number of large and small kitchen appliances, from refrigerators and ranges to high-end faucets and trash receptacles.  The warm and sophisticated tone of Anolon Advanced Bronze Cookware, Bakeware, Cutlery, Tools and Gadgets is designed to update the look of anyone’s kitchen decor instantly and cost-effectively.

Anolon Nouvelle Copper Cookware

  • Anolon Nouvelle Copper Cookware incorporates copper – a metal unmatched in its ability to deliver fast and even heat – in a new and innovative manner.  Each piece in the new cookware collection, which is constructed of heavy gauge hard-anodized aluminum – a material that is twice as hard as stainless steel – features a thick base of stainless clad aluminum enhanced by a layer of copper. This innovation in hard-anodized cookware increases a pan’s responsiveness to heat, and eliminates hot spots that can scorch food and ruin a dish’s flavor.

Anolon Ultra Clad Cookware

  • Anolon Ultra Clad elegantly delivers high performance cooking results with stunning, tuxedo-style good looks.  At the ready to make even the most ordinary weeknight meal a celebration, new state-of-the-art Anolon Ultra Clad is dishwasher safe, induction-ready, highly durable, and lighter in weight for easier lifting and carrying in home kitchens.

Anolon Chef Clad Cookware

  • Meticulously crafted for excellent cooking results, Anolon Chef Clad is constructed of permanently bonded metals, including an outer layer of aluminum to deliver fast and even heating without hot spots, and a non-reactive, easy to clean stainless steel cooking surface.  Anolon Chef Clad is designed to offer both seasoned and novice home cooks high-performance cookware that can be used with confidence, pleasure and minimum fuss for a lifetime.

Circulon Induction Burner

  • Using a method of cooking that has been available almost exclusively until recently to professional chefs for restaurant kitchens, Circulon’s new Portable Induction Burner uses electromagnetic energy to turn induction-ready pans into a heat source.  The result is a markedly faster method of cooking that brings water to boiling nearly twice as quickly as traditional gas and halogen stovetops, and even faster speeds compared to electric coil.

Infinite Circulon Cookware

  • Handsomely crafted with sleek, contemporary styling, Infinite Circulon offers consumers high-performance cookware with unique benefits for maximum convenience and versatility in the kitchen.  Completely dishwasher-safe, all items are constructed of durable, even-heating, hard-anodized aluminum to ensure many years of excellent cooking results.  The collection’s easy-to-clean nonstick cooking surface features Circulon’s technologically advanced TOTAL® nonstick food release system, which is especially designed to keep cooking utensils in contact with only a portion of the pan’s surface for exceptionally long-lasting performance.  Infinite Circulon’s distinctive styling is enhanced with a smooth to the touch, charcoal grey nonstick exterior, which provides quick and easy clean up, and resists staining to keep the cookware looking like new.  Breakthrough engineering in the design of an impact-bonded stainless steel and aluminum base, allows stovetop use with any kind of burner, including today’s popular glass and professional-style induction cook tops.


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