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steel bar rectangular step can

  • Inspired by the clean, upscale aesthetics of commercial-grade kitchens, this deluxe step can has a reinforced steel bar and double-hinge pedal mount ensure a strong, smooth, and easy motion wherever you step. Comes with 3 bonus buckets — use the 2 small buckets for recycling or remove them to use the large single bucket for trash.

sensor soap pump

  • Using state-of-the-art technology, the sensor soap pump automatically dispenses the right amount of soap every time. Simply place your hand underneath the spout to automatically dispense hand sanitizer, soap or lotion. The entire process is touch-free, helping prevent cross-contamination and the spread of germs.

sink caddy

  • The simplehuman sink caddy keeps your sink area neat and everything you need within easy reach. Four suction cups and a wire ledge hanger provide a secure, non-slip grip to your sink. A pop-out silicone brush holder and removable plastic dividers store and organize sponges separately for faster drying. For smaller sinks, a slim sink caddy is also available.

sink mat

  • The simplehuman sink mat has a soft, rubber surface that’s gentle on glasses and dishes to help prevent chipping. A raised platform keeps the mat above the sink floor so water can flow freely—preventing mildew.

bamboo cabinet organizers

  • The simplehuman bamboo cabinet organizer has a removable divider to keep your items neat. A commercial grade, ball bearing track glides out of the cabinet to keep your items within easy reach. Great for cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms, or anywhere that needs a little organization. The natural bamboo is sealed with durable waterproof coating to last for years.

bamboo tension arm paper towel holder

  • A variable tension arm applies just the right amount of pressure to tear off one sheet at a time – whether it’s a brand new roll or you’re down to the last sheet. The bamboo paper towel holder features natural bamboo sealed with a durable waterproof coating and a weighted stainless steel base.

bamboo quick grip napkin holder

  • Features a weighted tension arm that gently holds down the napkins, so it’s easy to pull out just one at a time. Perfect for table settings, buffets, picnics or a busy kitchen countertop. The sturdy, stainless steel base cradles your napkins, keeping them neat and tidy. Also made with natural bamboo that’s sealed with a durable waterproof coating.


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