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We are not another sauce.

Sweetwater Spice Co’s Brine Concentrates season and tenderize meat faster, more effectively, and more economically than marinades.

APPLE CHIPOTLE BBQ BATH – 16 oz MSRP $8.99 – Boneless skinless chicken breasts will never dry out with this sweet and slightly smokey flavor.

SMOKED HABANERO BBQ BATH – 16 oz MSRP $8.99 – Healthy and delicious Baked Hot Wings were a Winner at the Zest Fest Fiery Food Challenge in Ft. Worth this year.  Make up to 15 lbs of wings with one bottle!

PINEAPPLE HABANERO JERK BBQ BATH – 16 oz MSRP $8.99 – No corners were cut in bringing the true flavor of the Caribbean to your kitchen.  14 Ingredients blend perfectly for spicy and savory BBQ Shrimp.

LIME JALAPENO FAJITA BATH – 16 oz MSRP $8.99 – This best seller turns a flank steak into butter in just 1 hour and makes the most amazing Carne Asada or Fajitas.

TRES CHILIES FAJITA BATH – 16 oz MSRP $8.99 – For Skirt Steak Fajitas and Chicken Fajitas, the smoked salt combined with Cayenne, Paprika, and Chipotle chilies brings the flavor of the grill indoors with medium Spice.


Scott Sapire
Sweetwater Spice Co.
3800 N. Lamar Blvd
Suite 730-155
Austin TX 78756