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Village Harvest Rice products are savory whole grains that pour just like cereal, heat in a minute and taste just like homemade. Whole new category to the freezer case, 5 new whole grain products that are precooked and pourable, each is 20 oz package, suggested retail ranges from $4.99 – $7.99.
The 5 products are:
• Brown Rice
• Quinoa
• Brown-Red-Wild Rice Medley
• Frozen Spicy Thai Brown Rice
• “Un” Fried Brown Rice.

Recipe Applications and Serving Suggestions:

Village Harvest Brown Rice
• Wrap in a whole wheat tortilla with pinto beans, avocado and cheese for healthy burrito in a snap.
• Stir into eggs with red peppers and cheese for a simple frittata.
• Heat with roasted chicken, sausage and peas for paella in a pinch.

Village Harvest Rice Medley
• Add dried apricots and slivered almonds to for a quick pilaf.
• Scoop onto mixed greens with cranberries and smoked turkey for a substantial dinner salad.
• Toss in a pan with chicken, peas and carrots for classic chicken and rice dinner.

Village Harvest Quinoa
• Mix into your favorite muffin batter for a power packed snack.
• Heat with roasted pork, vegetables and stock for a hearty stew.
• Stir in dried currents and pecans and eat for breakfast.

Village Harvest Un-Fried Brown Rice
• Toss grilled shrimp into for an unbelievably delicious un-stir fry.
• Use as stuffing inside chicken cutlets, peppers or mushrooms for a delicious new twist on a weeknight meal.

Village Harvest Spicy Thai Brown Rice
• Heat in a pot of chicken broth and coconut milk for a satisfying soup.
• Add ground pork and serve in lettuce leaves for s seriously quick appetizer.

Research shows that 87% of consumers surveyed know whole grains are good for them. 71% of consumers say they are looking for a way to add whole grains to their diet. Preparation time is an obstacle. The precooked whole grains are ready in about a minute.

Frozen samples shipped to media upon request, please contact Pat Shea
415-332-0840 or


Internal Contact:
Joe Gozzi
Villlage Harvest Rice
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Patricia Shea or Meryl Bennan




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