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Galaxy Dessert products are all natural, trans-fat free, kosher dairy and contains no preservatives.

Ready-to-Bake Mini Pastry
Want the irresistible aroma and decadent taste of French bakeries? Take home Galaxy Desserts Ready-to-Bake Mini Pastry line, which will inspire, and fill your home with mouth-watering baked goodies! From Mini Butter Croissants to the indulgent Mini Sticky Buns, our award-winning dough has inspired an innovative line of the highest quality ingredient pastries and brought it to you in one convenient package! It’s so easy! Just take them out of the freezer and pop them right into your oven! Within minutes, your home will be filled with the fresh baked aroma of sweet buttery pastries and, in one bite you’ll get hooked on these miniaturized indulgences without feeling any guilt! We have four wonderful pastries in our retail Ready-to-Bake Mini Pastry line: Mini Butter Croissants, Mini Chocolate Croissants, Mini Sticky Buns and Mini Morning Buns. Price range: 7.99 – 9.99. The Mini Buns are 12 packs and contained in an innovative bake-able tray. The Croissants are 8-packs.

Parisian Macarons
Oh. La .La. The adorable French macaron have landed right in your kitchen! You’ll be lured by the decadent taste of our ever popular French delicacy with its petite size and light-as-air taste — our macarons will simply charm your taste buds. The macarons have established itself as the newest European sweet that is here to stay. Choose from the 6 wonderful flavors: lemon, raspberry, pistachio, coffee, vanilla and chocolate. You’ll be delighted by the delicate, yet light crunch, followed by the lightest and sweetest mousse crème filling. Serve at parties or build a macaron tower that will surely delight your guests! They come in a 12 pack tray.

Mousse Duos
Galaxy Desserts’ Mousse Duos are named for their harmonic pairing of two mousse fl avors delicately layered in individual serving size glasses. The innovative shot glass packaging is both elegant and unique in the dessert category. Mousse Duos are available in three delicious flavors: Double Chocolate, Cappuccino Chocolate, and Raspberry Lemon. They come in four-count cartons with a suggested retail price of $5.99.


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Galaxy Desserts
1100-D Marina Way South
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