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As “the official beverage of taste,” New Leaf develops, markets and distributes ready-to-drink (RTD) iced teas and lemonades that provide a healthy and refreshing alternative to other everyday choices, including sodas, flavored waters and other RTD teas.

Two key points that set New Leaf Teas apart – its beverages were formulated to be all natural and healthy; in fact, each of New Leaf’s 14 flavors is made with 100% pure cane sugar. Secondly, enjoying a New Leaf tea is a taste experience that is significantly superior to other mainstream RTD teas. CEO and founder Eric Skae’s vision also included making New Leaf Teas easily accessible to consumers. Additionally, New Leaf’s RTD iced teas are made with the finest ingredients, hand-picked by its founder and CEO, Eric Skae. Eric meticulously created a formula for the company’s iced teas that would result in a superior taste experience, which is why New Leaf is considered “The Official Beverage of Taste™”

Tea Flavors:
•    White Tea: Originated from the tea fields of China, White Tea is one of the world’s least processed teas, with medical properties respected worldwide. Flavors—Strawberry, Honeydew Melon

•    Green Tea: Picked from Sri Lanka & Kenya, New Leaf’s Green Tea is one of the purest teas available in today’s market. Flavors— Plum, Ginseng and Honey, and Mango

•    Blue Tea: According to the Ancient Tea Masters, teas are classified into six different tea families by color. Due to the bluish reflections of the Oolong Tea leaf in its dried form, Oolong Tea is classified as a Blue Tea. Flavors—Peach, Lemon, Raspberry, Lime/Mint (called Mo Tea To), Diet Peach, and Diet Lemon

•    Black Tea: New Leaf’s fine black teas originate from China, South America and Africa.  With its distinctively delicious flavor, black tea is known for its rich color and offers similar health benefits as that of green tea. Flavors—Sweet Tea, Unsweetened


•    New Leaf’s lemonades are available in four creative flavors—Strawberry, Black Cherry, Homemade Lemonade and “The Tiger,” which is half-lemonade and half-iced tea.
•    New Leaf 100% natural lemonades are sweetened with pure organic evaporated cane juice and contain 10% real fruit juice.


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