Pure Dark


Pure Dark™ is a line of premium hand-crafted, specialty dark chocolates as close to nature and the cocoa pod as possible.  Pure Dark™ offers flavorful dark chocolate products with three different intensity levels:

Level 1:  Striking (60%)For those who love their dark chocolate pure but with a touch of sweetness — a perfect starting point for a dark chocolate journey of discovery

Level 2:  Serious (70%)For adventurers who want more bite and complexity from their chocolate

Level 3:  Stunning (80%)For true aficionados of the cocoa bean in all its earthy, intense, deep and rich flavor

Pure Dark™ delivers an authentic and earthy chocolate experience with robust ingredients harvested straight from nature and has a diverse product offering, including:

  • Hand-crafted Slabs, nearly an inch thick of chocolate
  • Barks studded with plump dried fruits and crunchy nuts
  • Rounds dusted with exotic spices and fruit flavors
  • Chocolate-dipped Fruit and Nuts
  • Lightly roasted cocoa bean Nibs


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