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The SousVide Supreme™ is the world’s first water oven designed specifically to bring the gourmet sous vide cooking method into home kitchens. French for “under vacuum, ” sous vide cooking involves vacuum-sealing food in airtight pouches, then submerging it in a low-temperature water bath and cooking it at a consistent temperature throughout the process. Temperatures are often much lower than those used in traditional ovens, but food cooks for a longer time. The result is perfectly cooked foods with enhanced flavors and nutritional benefits. A foolproof way to prepare meals, the innovative SousVide Supreme™ is the first kitchen appliance to take this respected culinary technique and make it easily accessible to the home chef.

Unlike existing do-it-yourself home sous vide products that require clunky set-ups with multiple components, the SousVide Supreme™ is a sleek all-in-one solution. Simply set the temperature, and let the SousVide Supreme™ do the rest, controlling the water temperature to within one degree Fahrenheit – the key to sous vide success. The SousVide Supreme™ delivers the same temperature precision as commercial equipment, but at a much lower price.

Why sous vide? While this style of cooking has long been used in gourmet restaurants and institutional kitchens, the method has recently gained momentum among experimental home chefs, though there has not been an easy set-up to cook sous vide at home. The practical benefits of cooking sous vide are tastier, more healthful meals that are cooked to perfection every time – the low, consistent temperature ensures food is not overcooked and has a consistent texture throughout (think perfectly medium rare steaks edge to edge). There has been much buzz about sous vide in the food community lately, and the SousVide Supreme™  is poised to fuel the trend as more people can now easily experiment with the method and enjoy sous vide meals.

In addition to the SousVide Supreme™, the company recently launched the SousVide Supreme™ Vacuum Sealer and Vacuum Bag assortment. The SousVide Supreme retails for $449 and is available for purchase at Sur La Table and online at


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