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Vermont Spirits is an artisanal distiller in the Green Mountain State.  American craft distilling is an emerging trend in the spirits industry. In a time when mass production has taken over most consumer goods, artisanal brands have captured the public’s fascination.  We currently offer three expressions of vodka.

Vermont Gold Vodka
Vermont Gold is our signature vodka.  Each spring in New England, freezing nights and warm sunny days allow the mature maple trees to pump the converted starch they have been storing during the dormant winter months into sugar.  The trees release this sugar as sap which flows for less than six weeks a year.  A mature tree will produce about 40 quarts of sap in a season.  Once collected, the maple sap is concentrated in a maple arch, fermented and then carefully distilled in small batches before bottling.  It takes the sap from an entire tree to produce one bottle of Vermont Gold Vodka.

Vermont Limited Release
As the annual “sugaring” season begins, the first few flows of sap released are referred to as “early run sap”.  This sap is light in color with a very delicate and subtle flavor.  It is this first harvest which has been prized for generations and is used to make the highest quality and most sought-after maple syrup.  Vermont Spirits Limited Release is made entirely from early run maple sap.  This unique natural resource coupled with our proprietary distilling method produces a vodka unlike any other.  Under the skilled hands of our master distiller,the remarkable flavor and character is revealed in every bottle.

Vermont White Vodka
Through the distillation process, pure milk sugar is transformed into an extraordinary vodka–one that yields a distinctive quality and smoothness from start to finish.  It is crystal clear, the nose is amazingly clean and fresh with scents of limestone, sweet cream and honeysuckle.  The palate is primarily dry while soft and complex offering waves of sweet floral notes, steamed milk and mineral with accents of citrus zest and subtle notes of white pepper.  Wonderfully versatile and “udderly delicious”.

Vermont White and Vermont Gold are available in 375mls and 750mls.  Vermont Limited Release is available in 375ml.  The SRP for Vermont White 750ml is $27; Vermont Gold 750ml is $38; and Vermont Limited Release 375ml is $45.

Our vodkas have received countless awards and excellent ratings from every spirits competition in the country.


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