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Selections from Columbus’ Artisan Line:

Columbus Artisan Salumi is a collection of gourmet salame varieties that can be found in Italy today. These authentic products are truly unique – hand-stuffed and tied using natural casings, minimal spices and naturally aged from 21 to as long as 90 days depending on the type of salame.

They’re made with 100% hand-trimmed pork from hogs that are raised to strict standards – fed 100% vegetarian diets, never ever given antibiotics or growth hormones and raised to the highest standards in reduced-stress environments.

Secchi Salame
•    Noted for its subtle aroma and mellow flavor
•    Aged 20 days

Hot Sopressata
•    Made with chile de arbol peppers, sweet fennel and sherry wine
•    Hand stuffed and tied to create an Old World loop shape
•    Spicy flavors of fennel, hot peppers, paprika
•    Aged 21 days

•    Seasoned with wild fennel seeds for a cool, sweet flavor
•    Mellow texture and aroma
•    Aged 90 days

Columbs Foods’ New Wine Salame Line:
•    Made with 100% pork
•    Aged 21 days
•    Enhanced with the flavor profiles of three wine varietals:

Cabernet Sauvignon with a hint of Juniper Berry: Strong, bold flavor with a slight piney aroma that brings out the natural sweetness of the pork. Pair with Parmesan cheese, ciabatta bread and roasted red peppers.

Pinot Grigio with a hint of Lemon Zest: Light and citrusy taste, that enhances the true flavors of the pork. Pair with brie cheese, rustic multigrain bread and marcona almonds.

Pinot Noir with a hint of Pink Peppercorn: Smooth, complex taste of Pinot Noir lends a softer flavor and texture to the salame. Pair with Havarti cheese, sourdough bread, apples and pears.


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