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Products to be exhibited at Food Fête are Cirku and CocoaVia.  New dietary supplement powder mixes from Mars Botanical. Mars Incorporated, is the parent company to Mars Botanical.

Percent Cocoa is NOT a Reliable Measure of Flavanols

Despite the popular suggestion that higher percent cocoa is an indicator of a greater health benefit, the true benefits come from cocoa flavanols. A chocolate or cocoa product with a high percentage of cocoa may not retain its flavanol content due to the losses during processing. Cocoapro® is a guarantee of a consistent level of cocoa flavanols in Mars’ cocoa extract and cocoa extract made using the Cocoapro process is used to make Cirku and CocoaVia.

Backed by over 15 years of Scientific Research

With over 130 published papers on cocoa and a research program which spans nearly two decades, Mars, Incorporated, a leader in cocoa research, has conducted numerous studies on cocoa products produced by the Cocoapro® patented process. This process preserves the phytonutrient content of cocoa. Scientists have identified specific flavanols more prevalent in cocoa that are responsible for the range of health benefits. It is also known that t is not the percentage of cocoa in the product that is important with respect to circulation benefits; it’s the amount of cocoa flavanols that matter.

About Cirku

Welcome to Cocoa as you’ve never known it!

Cirku allows you to enjoy a daily serving of Cocoa Flavanols without the calories, fats and sugars often associated with cocoa products. Consumed daily, Cocoa Flavanols help keep your blood vessels healthy and flexible, supporting good circulation.† When your blood vessels are flexible, oxygen and nutrients can flow smoothly to all parts of the body, to help your body perform at its best.

Now in four delicious fruit flavors, each box of Cirku contains a month’s supply of on-the-go packs so it’s easy to include Cirku as part of your daily diet. Add flavor and variety to your daily water regime with Cirku Cran-Raspberry, Wild Plum, Tropical Twist or Summer Citrus. Cirku is exclusively available online at Enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of Cocoa Flavanols with flavors that mix refreshingly well with water and are 15 calories per serving!

About CocoaVia

All the benefits of dark chocolate…without all the calories!

Try new CocoaVia™, the delicious new dark chocolate flavored dietary supplement drink mix designed to help support cardiovascular health by helping maintain healthy circulation from Mars Botanical.†  Just one daily serving of CocoaVia dietary supplement beverage mix delivers a concentrated source of cocoa flavanols (350 mg), more than any other cocoa extract due to Mars’ Cocoapro® patented process for preserving the cocoa flavanols in the cocoa bean.

Healthy blood flow and good circulation are vital to an active and healthy lifestyle. Your circulatory system is the network of vessels delivering blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout your body.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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