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Naivetea will be exhibiting their collection of fine artisan oolong teas from Taiwan. A Bay Area-based purveyor, Naivetea’s founders have partnered with tea masters and artisan farmers to bring exclusive blends to an international audience through their retail site,

Two product lines, Classic Oolong and Infused Oolong, feature a total of 18 different loose-leaf teas, from Formosa, the “Champagne” of oolongs ($20/1 oz.), to the 2009 World Tea Expo Flavored Oolong Tea Champion, Naivetea’s Lychee Oolong ($16/2 oz.). Without exception, each Naivetea tea reflects the history and talent of tea masters from throughout Taiwan’s famous growing regions. Each tea may be purchased in several sizes, ranging from one to eight ounces, as well in sampler packs. Retail prices reflect the rarity of the tea and its growing elevation; the higher the elevation, the more exclusive the tea.

Naivetea’s High Altitude Oolongs include A Li Shan ($24/2 oz.); Da Yu Ling ($38/2 oz.); Mu Zha Tie Guan Yin (also known as the Iron Goddess of Mercy; $32/2 oz); Dong Ding ($28/2 oz.); Li Shan ($32/2 oz); Shan Lin Shi ($26/2 oz.); and Wen Shan Bao Zhong ($12/1 oz.). Infused oolong teas include Lavender, Kyoho Grape, Mint, Osmanthus, Passionfruit, Peach, Rose Violet Calendula, Strawberry and Yuzu (all $16/2 oz.).

In addition to oolong teas, Naivetea is the exclusive United States retailer of the exquisite tea set created by renowned porcelain artist, Lee Tsun-Jen ($178 for Regal Teapot Set; $58 for set of four Joyful Lion Gai-Wan tea cups). The delicate and elegant tea ware features a colored glass lion in Chinese totem design atop the lid of both the cups and teapot. The saucers for each cup are glazed with a deep red lacquer, perfectly complimenting the smooth, white porcelain.

Naivetea’s mission is to not only provide the highest quality oolong tea in the world, but to cultivate awareness of its extraordinary artistry, beauty, ritual of enjoyment and flavor profiles. Part of the enjoyment of exquisite tea is the temperature of the water and steeping time, and specific instructions are included with each order. Reflecting the quality of the product, each of the teas can be steeped up to seven times from just a single tablespoon serving, with each steep enhancing its flavor and complexity.


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