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Simpli OatShakes are a new, oat-based, nondairy drink from Scandinavia. Available in three tasty flavors and two different sizes, OatShakes deliver a luscious taste without genetically modified organisms (GMOs), dairy, eggs, wheat, nuts and soy and zero artificial ingredients. An all natural choice to curb hunger, they’re perfect for delicious, healthy snacking.

OatShake Wild Berries – Wild blueberries and wild raspberries from
Finland’s forests are blended with the gmo-free rolled oats.

OatShake Chocolate is as creamy as chocolate milk without the dairy and
great hot or cold.

OatShake Tropical Fruits is a perfect blend of oats, passion fruit, pear and orange for a refreshing, low-acid fruit drink.

No added colors, preservatives, or high-fructose corn syrup.

Kid-sized OatShakes include OatGrow Chocolate, OatShine Fruits and OatSmart Wild Berries, a welcome, non-dairy alternative to sugary sodas, juice boxes and chocolate milk. Perfectly sized to easily tuck into a lunchbox or backpack, each box comes with a recyclable sipping straw. They are loaded with fiber, calcium and Vitamin D and low in fat and added sugars. Unlike high acid juices, they’re easy on tender tummies.

OatShakes come in single-serving, recyclable Tetra pack boxes, playfully decorated with hand-painted, climbing oats in shades appropriate to each flavor. Two sizes are available: adult portion of 8.45 ounces and a kid-friendly size of 6.76 ounces. Tropical Fruit and Chocolate flavors are shelf stable; Wild Berries requires refrigeration. All have been pasteurized and should be refrigerated if not fully consumed after opening.

OatShakes are also a great base for smoothies and shakes: just pour into the blender along with favorite fruits. Suggested retail price is $2.39 for the adult size and $1.79 for the kid’s size. Simpli is also introducing Gluten Free Instant Apricot Oatmeal and Gluten Free Flour.Please visit for more information or to order online.


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