Cockspur Fine Rum Barbados, the birthplace of rum, is a beautiful Caribbean island, home to palm trees, balmy breezes and Cockspur Rum.

Cockspur Rum is created by marrying aged column still and pot still rums. Column still rums are very light in flavor and body while rums made in pot stills are heartier.

The rums are then aged in American bourbon barrels which produces the rich color and smooth flavor associated with Cockspur. Our master blender, using recipes handed down through the generations, selects the perfectly aged rums for each blend.

The island’s coral filtered water is then added to the blend and the rum is ready to be bottled. Cockspur Fine Rum is the flagship brand. It has a brilliant golden amber color and a mixture of aromas: brown sugar, butter rum,dried fruit and island spices.

Its rich, full and smooth body leaves a beautiful, lingering taste of gentle oak and warm spice. Cockspur Fine Rum is great combined with your favorite mixers or in cocktails and is equally enjoyed on the rocks.

SRP: $18.99


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