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Cinque e’ Cinque

Cinque e’ Cinque is a delicious, savory chickpea faranita. We found this tasty treat in Livorno, Italy and not only is it high in fiber and contains nine grams of protein, but it is gluten-free and vegan!

It is available in Traditional, Savory Rosemary and Tuscan Fiery Chili.

The ingredients are simply custom milled chickpea flour and rosemary/chili powder depending on the flavor. Consumer simply combine the mix with water and evoo for a satisfying meal. The mixes are certified Kosher, too.(SRP $3.99-4.99)

Artisanal Pizza Sauce

Every great pizza relies on a great sauce. Not too runny and not too sweet, our artisanal pizza sauce meets the needs of even the most demanding home chefs.

Our savory recipe relies on vine-ripened plum tomatoes picked at the perfect ripeness, basil and extra virgin olive oil for its traditional flavor. The uncompromising quality of this sauce provides the ideal foundation on which to build even the most complex pizza topping combinations.

Lucini Italia’s Pizza Sauce is the only one on the market that uses fresh California plum tomatoes picked less than 12 hours prior to the sauce being made. It is never produced off season with tomato paste. Organic Tuscan Harvest Tomatoes.

These very precious tomatoes are grown on a small estate, nestled in the heart of Italy’s coveted Bolgheri winemaking region, is where they are lovingly cultivated for optimal aroma, body and flavor.

Entirely a product of sustainable farming, they are packed in glass for optimal storage (100% BPA-free). Hand-picked for two weeks each August, these heirloom varietal tomatoes are so desired they are rarely available outside Italy.

Gourmet Pasta Sauce in a Heatable Pouch

Available in our three most popular sauce recipes, Tuscan Marinara with Roasted Garlic, Spicy Tuscan Tomato Sauce and Rustic Tomato Basil Sauce, the eco-friendly pouches were released in May and have been a huge hit with consumers.

They are perfectly portioned for small families and they are microwavable (ideal for busy moms!) (SRP $3.99)

Artisan Vinaigrettes

Lucini Italia Vinaigrettes are 100% GMO Free and never add sugar, dehydrated herbs or anything artificial. Other items – Savory soups (BPA free jars) Line of extra virgin olive oils Line of artisan vinegars.


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