Amano Artisan Chocolate
496 South, 1325 West
Orem, UT 84058


Amano Artisan Chocolate is America’s most highly awarded chocolate.

Started only four and a half years ago by Art Pollard and Clark Goble, Amano has won over 100 first place awards including being the first American company to win a gold at London’s Academy of Chocolate Awards – the Olympics of the chocolate world.

One of only a small handful of companies in the United States that makes their chocolate from scratch, Amano sources intensely flavorful cocoa beans from around the world to make their chocolate with. To get the very best cocoa, Amano’s master chocolate maker Art Pollard visits plantations works with cocoa farmers in countries such as Ecuador, Venezuela, Madagascar, and the Dominican Republic. Some have likened Art to being the world of chocolate’s Indiana Jones.

After selecting the very best cocoa, Amano’s pays the farmers premium prices for their best cocoa beans – as much as four times the price of conventional cocoa beans and far more than “fair trade” prices. Each of Amano’s chocolates taste exotic and unique. For example, Amano has an exclusive on rare cocoa from the Dominican Republic that naturally tastes like burgamot orange, lavender, and spice and which makes an incredibly exotic chocolate with these same flavors.

Amano is the first American company to make a chocolate from the world’s most highly sought after cocoa – that harvested by the farmers in the humble fishing village of Chuao, Venezuela. The cocoa Amano obtains from the farmers in Chuao Venezuela on the other hand has flavor notes of blueberry, plum, nuts and cream. Deep and complex, the finished chocolate is almost haunting in its beauty. Beyond the chocolate, Amano uses its chocolate to make its award winning confections.

Amano’s executive pastry chef Rebecca Millican combines the chocolate with the very best ingredients such as the world’s most expensive honey (Sidr honey from Yemen), cardamom from Guatemala, and other exotic ingredients.

Amano won a gold at the Academy of Chocolate Awards in London for 2011 for its Dos Rios Palat D’Or. At Food Fete, we will be presenting our single origin chocolates as well as our various confections.


Art Pollard
Amano Artisan Chocolate
96 South, 1325 West
Orem, UT 84058