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Based in Somerset, the heart of Cheddar making country, Pilgrims Choice is uniquely located to source only the very best in British Cheeses.

Our cheeses are selected from a small number of carefully chosen farms and creameries throughout the UK countryside. Natural maturation and tastings conducted by our award winning graders guarantees our customers’ cheeses with perfect body and flavor.

Each cheese is graded by experienced cheese grader, Kevin Beer, who has been using his skills and knowledge to select cheese for Pilgrim’s Choice for over 10 years. With distinctive packaging and conveniently sized for best on-shelf impact, these varieties of Pilgrims Choice cheeses, are the perfect complement to the deli cheese case.

Londoner Cheddar (7 oz) Pilgrims Choice Londoner Cheddar is naturally matured for a minimum of 6 months, and tasted regularly by our expert graders to guarantee a consistent,rich and smooth flavor. This standout cheese completes any cheeseboard, but is versatile enough to make a grilled cheese sandwich into a special meal.

Wensleydale with Cranberries (7 oz) Brings the best of a classic English cheese blended with a pleasing burst of sweet, tart cranberries. This exceptional cheese leaves a deliciously sweet aftertaste and adds a splash of color to any cheeseboard.

Smokey Cheddar (7 oz) Combines our creamy, rich Cheddar with the delicate nuance of smoke. Once smoked, the cheese is gently dusted with mild paprika to add flavor and give it a soft golden hue. Rich and savory, Smokey Cheddar is excellent as a snacking cheese and adds a new layer of flavor when melted on a burger.

Farmhouse Cheddar (7 oz) This PDO Cheddar is handmade and matured on a small family run farm in England’s famed West Country. Aged for a minimum of 9 months using milk only from local herds this Cheddar is imparted with a savory and full flavored maturity.

Red Leicester (7 oz) is a tangy mild cheese with a pleasing flavor that intensifies as the cheese matures. Similar to Cheddar, and typically aged between 3 to 6 months, it boasts a smooth and balanced aftertaste. Loved by adults and children alike this rich russet colored cheese melts wonderfully and has broad consumer appeal.


Mary Jane Reiter or Sandy Hu
Sandy Hu Food Marketing

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