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1.    Cognac BellaVitano® is a very limited edition cheese. This sweet, buttery BellaVitano® cheese is aged at least 18 months. It’s a unique and complex celebration of smoky, nutty, oaky flavors with toasted notes of vanilla and caramel. In 2011 at the World Cheese Awards, Cognac BellaVitano® captured the title of Best USA Cheese.

2.    Rosemary & Olive Oil Asiago has a rosemary and olive oil mixture applied to the rind of the cheese. Then it goes back into our curing rooms for extra aging so the nutty note from the asiago marries with the earth tones provided by the rosemary and olive oil. In 2011, this cheese won second place at the Global Cheese Awards.

3.    BellaVitano® Gold is a Sartori Original, a one-of-a-kind cheese created by our master cheesemakers. Starting out it has a surprisingly creamy, rich texture and you can taste light fruity notes. It finishes with a sweet and tangy hit. The calcium lactate crystals provide a pleasant and unique texture crunch.

4.    Espresso BellaVitano® starts with the BellaVitano® Gold, and is then hand-coated with fresh ground Italian roast espresso beans. The sweet, sugary, creamy, buttery BellaVitano® flavors come together with the lightly sweet, slightly smoky, roasted flavors of an Italian-style espresso coffee to bring out an eye-opening treat. Just imagine an espresso with a double shot of cream. This gourmet cheese captured a Silver Medal at the 2010 World Cheese awards.

Sartori was founded in 1939 and has been family owned ever since. We are currently in our third generation of family ownership with the fourth in training. We pride ourselves in our ability to add a family touch to everything we do.
We have a farm-to-fork philosophy; our milk comes from local patron farmers and in many cases is converted from milk to cheese within hours. We’re also proud to say that our Wisconsin cheese is hormone-free!

We have one of the world’s most talented staff of cheesemakers, including three certified Master Cheesemakers. In the last five years, Sartori has won over 100 domestic and international cheese awards. For example, our SarVecchio Parmesan is the most decorated Parmesan cheese. It has won a variety of awards, including the Best Foreign Cheese at the Global Cheese Awards this year. Not only that, but our Cognac BellaVitano® received the Best USA Cheese award this past year at the World Cheese Awards.


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