Skuna Bay Salmon
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Launched in the Southwest United States in November 2011 to premier chefs, Skuna Bay Salmon is craft-raised salmon raised in the natural, glacier-fed waters of Nootka Sound just off the coast of Vancouver Island – in the Pacific Ocean. Skuna Bay Salmon are reared by dedicated farmers who are passionate about raising salmon and believe that the best salmon comes from personal care and attention to detail.

The pristine water of Nootka Sound is the best in the world for raising salmon: fresh, optimal salt content and cold. Strong tidal currents provide resistance for the fish to swim against and build up strong, thick, muscular bellies that results in a firm yet buttery texture. The extremely low pen densities (98.5% water) provide ample room for the fish to swim, as well, contributing to muscle and superior texture.

Skuna Bay Salmon has a unique and exclusive process that delivers the fish to the chef in that same fresh-from-the-ocean condition as the farmer experiences. There is an intensive selection process – only 6% of fish make the incredibly high standards of Skuna Bay. Skuna Bay Salmon are hand cleaned and receive special handling that no other fish in the world gets by only six approved salmon experts. The fish are belly iced and the salmon expert personally signs the box with his/her name, date and farm where the salmon was raised. The next person to touch the salmon is the chef.

Skuna Bay Salmon is environmentally responsible and a sustainable choice, helping to reduce pressure on wild salmon stocks. It is the first salmon farm in the world with most of its sea farms certified as Best Aquaculture Practices (this standard is set by an independent panel that includes major US aquariums). Skuna Bay is proud of having the only completely recyclable corrugate box in the business and also never flies the fish through distribution channels, lowing their overall carbon footprint.

Skuna Bay Salmon is available throughout the Southwest and Midwest regions of the United States. Numerous top chefs in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Chicago, Indianapolis and beyond have enthusiastically added Skuna Bay to their menus. In Los Angeles, Skuna Bay Salmon is advocated by well- known chefs Ian Gresik of Drago Centro, Brandon Boudet of Dominick’s and Little Dom’s and Lee Hillson of Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix.

National expansion will continue throughout the year, with Denver, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh the next markets to launch. A consumer roll-out later in the year is planned.


Dave Mergle, Director of Marketing
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Account Supervisor
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