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The Republic of Tea, leading purveyor of premium teas, is currently celebrating its 20th Anniversary. The Republic of Tea is committed to offering only the highest quality teas and herbs, while conducting business in a socially responsible manner.

To commemorate its 20th anniversary in 2012, The Republic of Tea is introduced two new teas: 20TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION TEA and TWENTY HERBS. The 20TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION TEA is a delicious blend of premium high-grown, Ceylon black tea leaves from the Court Lodge Estate in Sri Lanka, full tea blossoms lending a light herbal note, sweet white wine grapes from the Orange River Vineyard in South Africa, and infused with the essence of champagne, making it a true cup of celebration. TWENTY HERBS is a festive and unique blend of 20 herbs and spices. TWENTY HERBS, the Tea of Many Virtues, is full-bodied, with a floral greeting of citrus and spice top notes enhanced by a minty, sweet, lingering finish.

The Republic of Tea, leading purveyor of premium teas, has launched a new BE ACTIVE TEAS collection, five organic green Rooibos-based teas: GET RESTORED, GET HYDRATED, GET LIMBER, GET BURNING, and GET ACTIVE. Each tea in the BE ACTIVE TEAS collection is blended with organic green Rooibos, sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, which retains more of its antioxidant value due to a flash fermentation process. It is the perfect base to this active line of teas for people with active lifestyles. Each blend is designed with specific results in mind from energy and flexibility, to metabolism, hydration, and a speedy recovery from a vigorous workout.

The Republic of Tea will be introducing its new matcha collection, U•Matcha, on July 2. All-Natural (oo•mah•cha), starts with premium matcha. Unlike regular green tea, matcha is made from tender leaves that are shade-grown and stone-ground into a fine powder. It is blended into water and sipped (ground powder and all.) This extremely nutrient-rich tea has the balanced flavors of umami (literally “yummy” in Japanese); savory, sweet, bright and grassy, this tea can also be used as a flavor enhancer. All-natural flavors include U•Matcha Natural, U•Matcha Roasted Rice, U•Matcha Ginger and U•Matcha Yuzu.

get probiotic HERB TEA FOR DIGESTIVE HEALTH – Organic Rooibos is blended with the mighty probiotic GanedenBC30 and effectively helps your system find the right balance, supporting digestive health. GanedenBC30 is shelf-stable and heat-resistant. Along with chicory root, which adds inulin, and cinnamon, said to stimulate the gastro tract, this tea is its own little miracle.

get young HERB TEA FOR LONGEVITY – This blend is organic Rooibos and BioVin Advanced, a wine grape extract from France’s Rhone Valley with resveratrol (an anti-aging compound), Chinese herb Jiaogulan (known as an herb of immortality), maqui berries (antioxidants) and hibiscus flowers that may help maintain healthy blood pressure.

Teas from The Republic of Tea are available nationwide at select natural and specialty food stores, through the company website, (, The Republic of Tea’s mail-order catalogue and by calling 800.298.4832.


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