Heavy Seas Beer


Founded in 1995 by Baltimore brewing pioneer Hugh Sisson, Heavy Seas beers span the globe in terms of recognized styles, from pales ales and amber lagers to IPA’s, pilsners, farmhouse ales, Belgians and stouts. Often adding an American twist to the tried and true, the beers are immensely enjoyable, always familiar yet intriguing. Heavy Seas – a great way to launch any craft beer journey.

Loose Cannon – Heavy Seas signature triple hopped IPA, striking a perfect balance between bitter and floral, with strong notes of grapefruit and pine over a pronounced malt backbone which contributes to its smooth finish. A beer which will truly have you embracing your inner pyrate!

Siren Noire – an Imperial Chocolate Stout made with Belgian cacao nibs, then aged in Bourbon barrels, features mocha flavors with vanilla and coconut highlights, and a rich, creamy mouth feel. A siren’s call impossible to resist.

Plank II –  The second release in the Heavy Seas Plank Series which explores unique ways of influencing beer flavors with wood.  This beer features a doppelbock style aged on thermally treated Poplar and Eucalyptus wood.  A different wood, process and style are developed every year, creating a complex sensory experience.  Selected as one of 2012’s top 25 beers by DRAFT magazine.