Seagram’s Escapes


Seagram’s Escapes

New 2013 Bottle Flavors will be sampled:

1. Blackberry Breezer, a juicy burst of blackberries with a hint of pear
2. Aloha-Tini, a tropical combo of pineapple and star fruit
3. Kiwi Strawberry, a classic and always refreshing blend of kiwi and strawberries

New 2013 Frozen Pouch Flavors will be sampled. No blender or mixers needed – just freeze and escape!

1. Blue Hawaiian: A tropical and refreshing blend of pineapple and orange with a subtle hint of cherry

2. Jamaican Me Happy: One the brands most popular bottled flavors, now available frozen! A combination of strawberry, watermelon, lemon and guava

• Seagram’s Escapes is a flavored malt beverage available in a refreshing rainbow of fruit flavor combinations (*see flavor menu on website for a complete list)
• Ranked number three in the Progressive Adult Beverage segment and is among the fastest growing brands in the segment
• Light in alcohol – Liquid 3.2% alcohol by volume(ABV); Frozen • Each pouch contains 5% alcohol by volume (ABV)
• Availability: Available nationwide at grocery, mass, drug, liquor, convenience and club retailers

Suggested retail price:

4-pack carriers for $3.99
12-pack (available in 4-flavors & new for 2013, 6-flavor variety) for $12.99
24-pack (available in 4-flavors & new for 2013, 6-flavor variety) for $24.99