Zona Industriale, 66015 Fara San Martino
Abruzzo -ITALIA

1441 Brickell Av, Suite 1410
Miami, FL 33131 – USA
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Top quality is not just a claim: you can smell, see, touch and taste quality. You know you can do it for wine and for olive oil, but did you know this can be done also for Pasta? Delverde is willing to share the ancient Italian culture around pasta with the more sophisticated food consumer of North America. This is why we put together a panel with the most reputable gastronomy expert of Italy (Michelin starred chef, journalist, food anthropologist and nutritionist) and wrote and copyrighted a tasting protocol, divided in 5 “fun actions” so to make the tasting experience a pleasant cultural game. This has been copyrighted in all markets.

From June 2013 Delverde brings to America a team of experienced chef from Rome and will host 5,000 consumers offering complimentary tasting and cooking experience of 1 hour each.

In the heart of the Maiella mountain, in Abruzzo Italy, there is an enchanted natural place where pure nature meets the art of gastronomy.

This beautiful place is real and is in here that a team of chefs continuously think on how to improve our Pasta and our recipes.

Even if the factory location choice from a logistic point of view is quite complex, it allows Delverde to get from natural elements basic for the production of high-quality pasta. Delverde is the only pasta factory in the world located inside a nature reserve (the Maiella National Park), at the foot of the source of the Verde River from which the company takes its name and whose pure water that flow through the white rock of the mountain. Then it is deeply taken up to be used in the production process.

In the factory in Fara San Martino, where 118 employees work, Delverde produces 130 different sizes of fresh and dry semolina, egg, organic and whole wheat pasta using bronze plates and drying process at low temperature that allow to preserve not only the nutritional values and the taste of the natural wheat but also the roughness very appreciated by connoisseurs and chefs from all over the world and the delicate flavor.

Delverde Unique Products are: Single Tubes Nests – Flavored No Boil Lasagna – Whole Wheat Organic Line – Pappardelle (widest in the market) – Traditional No Boil Lasagna (w/trays)

Delverde Classis Products, now with new packaging, are: Spaghetti – Bucatini – Fettucine – Linguine -Rigatoni – Penne Rigate – Penne Lisce – Fusilli – Gemelli – Mezzi Rigatoni – Capellini – Shells – Tortiglioni


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