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Pepe Chili Cutter Incorporates AdHoc’s exclusive SchneidWerk® blade, designed to cut dried herbs versus grinding for better aroma and flavor. Constructed of stainless steel and acrylic. $30.00

Milano Pepper or Salt Mill Electronic mill features a ceramic grinder and LED light. Powered by 6 AAA batteries (included). Available in black, white, orange, green and red. $50.00

Ivan Wood Pepper or Salt Mill Designed with eye-catching stainless steel and acacia wood. Mill features an exterior precision setting with automatic adjustment for high efficiency grinding via ceramic grinder. $50.00

Cooling Stick Quickly chill wine by the bottle using AdHoc’s stainless steel and nylon/silicone cooling sticks. Cooling Stick $35.00

Spice Bomb Add flavor to soups, stocks and sauces by simply filling the infuser vessel with dried or fresh herbs, garlic cloves and more, seal and secure to the side of cooking pot. Constructed of stainless steel and silicone. $25.00


Salt Keeper Beautiful and practical, this box keeps up to 8 oz. of cooking salt within close reach. Handcrafted of richly grained olive wood with an oil finish, it has

a swiveling magnetic lid for easy one-handed access. $50.00

Glass and Olive Wood Storage Jars feature handcrafted olive wood lids paired with clear glass storage vessels. The olive wood lids feature a silicone seal and the jars themselves are made of borosilicate glass, which is coveted in kitchens worldwide for its clarity and durability. $20.00 (small) $23.00 (medium) $26.00 (large)


Magnetic Spot Scrubber Perfect for cleaning long, narrow spaces such as wine decanters, baby bottles and vases. The design consists of two magnetized pieces: a spot scrubbing knob and a silicone scrubbing disc. To use, simply drop the silicone-scrubbing disc into a dirty vase or other vessel, add soapy water and scrub from the outside using the scrubbing knob. $12.00

Scoop Bowls feature a unique design with one flat edge. Turn the bowls on their side and chopped vegetables, herbs and other ingredients can be swept directly into the containers in one quick movement. The bowls are available in three different sizes: ¾ cup, 1.5 cup and 2.5 cup. A Nested Scoop Bowls set features one bowl in each size in colors red, green and white.

$8.00 (Small), $10.00 (Medium), $12.00 (Large) and $10.00 (Nested 3-pc. set)


Expert Series Chef’s Knife Each knife in the Expert series features Nogent’s patented micro-serration, which is almost invisible to the naked eye. Unlike regular serrated knives that tear delicate foods, these knives produce precise surgical slicing yet never need sharpening. Chef’s knife features a 7.5” beveled blade and black, plastic handle. $59.99

Expert Series Paring Knives Like the Chef’s knife, the Expert Series paring knives never need sharpening. Pairing knives feature a 3.5” blade and plastic handles available in black, blue, pink and green. $19.99

Super Kim Can Opener Can opener features an actual blade for easier, more efficient can opening. Super Kim design can be used interchangeably by left and right-handed people. $19.99


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