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Noosa Finest Yoghurt was founded in 2009 by a collective of Aussie ex-pats and Colorado natives who set out to bring the best tasting Aussie style yoghurt to the U.S. Noosa Finest Yoghurt is sold in more than 5,000 grocery, natural and specialty stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Target, Safeway and Fresh Market stores. Noosa is available in 10 flavors and is sold in 4-ounce variety packs and in individual 8- and 16-ounce cups.

NEW! Tart Cherry – Imagine a perfect slice of tart cherry pie a la mode, served with a side of cheeky Aussie. Better yet, don’t just imagine it: go buy a carton of Noosa Tart Cherry Yoghurt and experience this corker twist on tradition yourself. Lightly sweetened ripe tart cherries blended with our outrageously creamy, velvety yoghurt—so dangerously delicious it’s…wow. Just wow.

NEW! Plain- Providing a refreshing new take on plain yoghurt, Noosa Plain has no fruit or honey – just its tangy, smooth, famously rich yoghurt, in all its pure unadulterated glory.

Honey – When we’re homesick for our sunburnt country, a few velvety spoonfuls of Noosa Honey puts everything right again. Lightly sweetened with Clover Alfalfa honey from Colorado’s Beeyond the Hive.

Blueberry – Did you ever wonder what inspired Waltzing Matilda’s legendary dance moves? True blue goodness and bonzer antioxidants, that’s what. It’s in here. Seize it with glee.

Raspberry – In the land down under raspberries are considered good bush tucker (that’s Aussie for “food”). We think you’ll love the mix of our velvety rich yoghurt, blended with the intensely deep flavor of our Pacific Northwest raspberries, picked at plump perfection! It is beyond good – it’s fair dinkum tucker, and you can quote us on that.

Strawberry Rhubarb – Sweet, succulent strawberries and tangy, tart rhubarb – mmmm! Think spring with hints of summer, and then try to think of a good reason to resist this tempting combo – we don’t care what hemisphere you hail from, we don’t think you can. So give in, mate. Give in!

Passion Fruit – We Aussies are passionate about a lot of things, and passion fruit is one of them. Its summery, sweet/tart, tropical flavor makes us as happy as a possum up a gum tree. We’ve blended ripe, whole passion fruit purée with our rich velvety yoghurt, and in a nod to Aussie tradition, even kept the pips in. (Yes, it’s different, but take a punt and give it a go. We think you’ll love the added texture, flavor and nutrition, too!)

Lemon – We don’t know about you, but to us, the thought of a good lemon curd—smooth, silky, and perfectly tart—inspires cravings like no other. And a good lemon curd mixed with our uniquely velvety Noosa? Crikey! We’d go on the wallaby track for that! (But thanks to our lovely cows and local grocer, we don’t have to. And neither do you.)


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