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Late July Organic Snacks
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Late July Organic Snacks introduces the perfect party chip!

Late July’s NEW Organic Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips – the ideal companion for your favorite salsa. Thin, crispy and delicious, these authentic Restaurant Style Chips are Certified USDA Organic, non-GMO and gluten-free so it’s easy to feel good about serving them at any party. Not only do they taste great, but they’re cut a bit bigger to hold more dip!

Available in both Sea Salt and Chia & Quinoa, look for the authentic brown bag on shelves which seals airtight to keep the chips fresher longer Available at retailers nationwide, estimated retail value $4.49.

Late July’s organic whole multigrain tortilla chips are a perfect blend of crunchy whole grains and seeds with a touch of sea salt in seven crave worthy flavors including Mild Green Mojo made with fresh green chilis, lime and real cheese, and How Sweet Potato It Is with organic North Carolina sweet potatoes!

Our certified organic products use only the highest quality ingredients; which means no GMOs, chemical pesticides, preservatives or anything artificial.

Organic Multigrain Tortilla Chips
Size: 5.5-6oz
Serving Suggestion: 1oz (about 9-13 chips)
SRP: $3.49


·         Sea Salt by the Seashore – lightly salted, crunchy whole grains & seeds
·         Mild Green Mojo – green chilies, cheese and a hint of lime
·         Dude Ranch – tangy sour cream & a perfect blend of herbs and spices
·         Cure for the Summertime Blues – lightly salted, crunchy whole grains & seeds
·         How Sweet Potato It Is – perfectly sweet & lightly salted, crunchy whole grains & seeds
·         SubLime Multigrain Snack Chips – lightly salted with a hint of real lime
·         Red Hot Mojo Multigrain Snack Chips – fiery blend of jalapenos & red pepper


·         Certified USDA Organic
·         Non-GMO
·         Gluten-Free
·         100% Whole Grains
·         Vegan or Lacto Vegetarian
·         Kosher
·         Profits to Charity


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