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Gluten Free Bakers Rejoice: Krusteaz Introduces NEW Gluten Free Line That Tastes Too Good To Be True!

Whether gluten free eating is done for health reasons or as a lifestyle choice, consumers want products that don’t skimp on taste. Responding to that demand, Krusteaz, one of America’s favorite brands of baking mixes, has developed a NEW line of gluten free baking mixes that delivers on taste and is just as satisfying as their traditional counterparts. From moist and flavorful pancakes and blueberry muffins to subtly sweet cornbread and delectable brownies, there are mouthwatering options for everyone at the table! Gluten free bakers will be excited to try the following:

• Gluten Free Buttermilk Pancake Mix is the ONLY gluten free Buttermilk mix on the market and features real sweet cream buttermilk!

• Gluten Free Blueberry Muffin Mix is the ONLY gluten free blueberry mix on the market and comes with a can of real wild blueberries.

• Gluten Free Honey Cornbread and Muffin Mix has a touch of sweetness with real honey!

• Gluten Free Double Chocolate Brownie Mix combines the rich fudge-like texture of traditional brownies and is loaded with chocolate chips. A chocoholic’s dream!

• Approximate Retail Price: $4.49

• Available nationally at most major grocery chains starting in May/June; look for them in the baking and pancake mix aisle, alongside other delicious Krusteaz products!

Krusteaz Introduces First-Ever Flatbread Mix Chef Inspired Flatbreads are Perfect for Pizza Crusts, Sandwiches and Dipping!

Flatbreads are one of the hottest items popping up on restaurant menus across the country and now, thanks to Krusteaz, available for easy baking at home! Incredibly versatile, flatbreads are a must-have pantry staple that can take you from appetizers to main course dishes. So much better than using frozen or refrigerated pizza crust, these flavorful mixes are the perfect base for creative homemade pizzas, can pair nicely with savory dips and spreads or be used for sandwiches. Simply add water and yeast (included) and let rise for an artisanal flatbread that’s deliciously tasty, moist and slightly crispy around the edges.

• Flatbread Mix line is the ONLY mix of its kind on the market!

• Available in Italian Herb, Garlic & Onion and Whole Wheat

• Standard 1 lb. box can make a variety of size and shape options

• Approximate Retail Price: $2.59

• 180 Calories per serving

• Available at most national grocery chains starting May/June

About Krusteaz®

The Krusteaz story began in 1932 when a group of women from a Seattle bridge club created a just-add-water pie crust that was an industry first. Today, Krusteaz remains a family-owned business that stands for innovative products, premium ingredients and easy-to-make mixes to fit every occasion. The product line includes pancakes, waffles, muffins and quick breads, cookies, dessert bars, cornbread, crumb cakes and more. Every box invites consumers to “Seize the What If…”™ and have fun in the kitchen, get a little messy, fuel their creativity and enjoy the possibilities Krusteaz mixes bring to the table.


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