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Dave’s Killer Bread started as the favorite organic bread at our local Farmers Market in Portland, Oregon. Less than a decade later, we’re the #1 best-selling sliced organic bread in the country* – and we’re marching national availability. Our mission has always been to make the best bread out there. Period. Our breads are the first complete line of organic, non-GMO Project Verified. We’re all killer – no filler. Always.

How’d we do it? Simple. We took risks no one else would and reimagined what bread could be. We hand-wrap our breads all the way around with seeds and grains instead of just dusting with seed “toppings”. Dave’s Killer Bread is seeded all the way around and all the way through with flax, sesame and sunflower seeds (among many others). Don’t be surprised to find ingredients like amaranth, barley, spelt, blue cornmeal and pumpkin seeds. The result is bread that is power-packed with Omega-3s, fiber, protein and whole grains. An average slice has six grams of protein, as much as a large egg. Our Thin-Sliced varieties are loaded with all the nutrition of our regular deli slices, with half the calories.

Experience the incredible taste and texture for yourself by visiting Dave’s Killer Bread’s gourmet Toast Bar at Food Fete, hosted by its “Bread Guy” and product manager, Dan Letchinger, and “Brand Gal” and brand manager, Gabrielle Enfield. Share recipes, sample The Best Bread in the Universe and sign up to receive news as this little bread brand from Oregon prepares for national distribution in 2014.

We also will share more about what makes us America’s favorite organic bread – it’s about the taste, but also our core values:courage, tenacity, humanity, partnership, and advocacy. We see the good in everyone, and believe we are all capable of making a contribution. Dave’s Killer Bread is committed to creating lasting change, not just for the bread industry and for our community, but especially for our employees. One in three is a convicted felon. Through our partner enrichment program, we’re helping our employees build hard and soft skills to enhance their lives after incarceration.

Come for sweet and savory toast and conversation. We hope you leave inspired.

*Source:  IRI 52 weeks ending 1-26-14


Gabrielle Enfield
Dave’s Killer Bread
5209 SE International Way
Milwaukie, OR 97222
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