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Solbeso is the first premium, distilled spirit made from a curated, hand-selected blend of the world’s finest cacao fruit. At 80 proof, the category-defining spirit delivers a floral aroma and light taste derived from the creamy, sorbet flavor of cacao fruit – a delicate, citrusy sweet pulp that bears no resemblance to the cacao bean, used to produce chocolate.

A by-product of cocoa bean production, the aromatic cacao fruit used to distill Solbeso is sustainably sourced from family farms and co-operatives throughout Latin America, where cacao production has been a way of life for thousands of years. By pioneering every step of the production process – from cacao collection, to fermentation, to distillation – Solbeso has created the world’s first cacao fruit supply chain, benefitting local communities in remote regions of Latin America along the way.

The cacao used to make Solbeso is naturally organic, 100% pure, and rich in natural stimulants.

The taste of Solbeso is unprecedented, as it is a robust spirit that captures the character of the finest cacao fruit of Latin America. With hints of warm honeysuckle and dry citrus, the flavor profile is both zesty and full-bodied with a complex and unusually soft finish.

Solbeso adds a new verve to cocktails, infusing them with the benefits, taste and aromatics of cacao fruit. With a complex taste that both complements and enhances a wide range of flavors, the 80 proof base spirit comes alive in cocktails unlike few white spirits. To experience the nuances of Solbeso, try the spirit over ice or with a lemon twist.

Similarly to grapes, cacao fruit is influenced by terroir, a term that refers to the effect of local environment on quality, flavor and aroma, inclusive of factors like geography and climate. Just as the highest quality cacao beans create the best chocolate, the varietal of cacao also affects the final taste of Solbeso. Thus, Solbeso is made from a distinctive blend of aromatic cacao fruit that has been hand selected for intensity and character from a variety of regions across South America.

Because the cacao fruit originates in different regions, the collection, fermentation and distillation practices used in the production of Solbeso are tailored to local conditions.

The world’s first cacao fruit supply chain was built with the support and expertise of world-renowned experts. Those responsible for the development, introduction, and growth of Solbeso include:

Thomas Higbee, Original Distiller & Founder

Thomas Aabo, President & Co-Founder

Rafo Urbina, Master Distiller

Fernando Crespo, Horticulture & Cacao Expert

Clay Gordon, Cacao Expert

Dave Pickerell, Distillation Expert

Suggested Retail Price: $39.99 for a 750ml bottle


Solbeso is available at select retailers, restaurants and bars throughout New York City and Miami.


Tom Higbee, New World Spirits

Kate Kenny, Evins Communications